About us

Being a military MOC enthusiastic builder myself, I have developed connections and friendships with many workshops and creators in the community over the years. 


I am eager to share the happiness that I have obtained in this marvelous hobby. I would like to offer unique and high quality Military brick sets to my fellow builders and more importantly at affordable prices. 


I therefore have started selling off various channels since 2013. Since 2021, they have been all consolidated under the brand name, “SdKfzbrick” . 


"SdKfz" is the abbreviation of Sonderkraftfahrzeug in German for "special purpose vehicle". It was the ordnance inventory designation used by Germany during World War II for military vehicles.


By combining SdKfz and brick to form the new brand name"SdKfzbrick”, we aim to show our dedication in Military Building Brick toys. 


We offer a range of military sets. Be free to message us if you are looking for particular Soldiers / Vehicles / Tanks / Equipments / Planes / Helicopters / Structures / Battle Scenes /  Weapons / Accessories 

We also do Custom Made orders as well. If you have an idea or a blueprint, we help you get the parts.  

UV printing tiles or bricks of your choice are possible. 

Below are our associated ebay shops: 





Note to buyer: items in the site are not associated with the Danish brand, Brickmania, BrickArms United Bricks, Brick Warrior, and any other brands unless otherwise stated.